Unleash your imagination and create the dice of your dreams!

Write to us at and request more information, design and budget.

At TYCKA DICE, we believe that every player is unique, and that deserves a die that reflects it perfectly. That's why we offer you the exciting possibility of creating your own custom dice for your team, club or special event. Why settle for common dice when you can design one that's truly yours?

Creating your custom dice is easier than you imagine. You just have to provide us with your logo in SVG or PNG format in black and white without a background and tell us the desired colors and we will create the product exclusively for you.

Our team of expert craftsmen will bring your vision to life with precision and care. They can be solid, marble, translucent... and even combinations of up to 2 and 3 tones and more!

Dare to stand out and let the magic of TYCKA DICE custom dice elevate your games to an epic level. Surprise your fellow players with a unique dice that reflects your essence and shows that you are part of a community of passionate and creative players!

Minimum rolls of 500 dice.

  • Basic indicative prices:
    • 500 dice at €350 + packs of 100 additional dice for €65.

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