Who Is Tycka?

Hello! Welcome to TYCKA DICE, your online dice store full of magic and fun!
We are a team passionate about board games, role-playing and all the adventures that dice can unleash. Our name, "TYCKA", comes from the combination of the words "Tyche" and "Luck", representing the fortune that accompanies each roll of our dice.
Tyche, in Greek mythology, is the charming goddess of fortune and luck, whose presence is capable of transforming any destiny in the blink of an eye. We identify with Tyche because we firmly believe in the magic of dice and how they can change the course of a game with an unexpected turn, providing excitement and surprise to all our clients.

We take pride in our original designs, created with love and dedication. Each dice is the result of a meticulous process, from concept to final product. Our team of talented artists works tirelessly to bring the most joyful and captivating dice to life. We want each spin to be special and for our customers to feel connected to the magic of TYCKA DICE in each game.
The quality of our dice is unmatched. We use the best materials to ensure that each dice is accurate and balanced, ensuring a fair and exciting gaming experience. Furthermore, our exclusive designs are an expression of the creativity and charm that we want to bring to your hands.
At TYCKA DICE, you will not only find a wide variety of dice with unique and vibrant styles, but also a team always ready to help you. We are here to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience.
So, if you are looking to add a touch of charm to your games or simply want to collect dice that reflect your personality, you are in the right place. Discover the TYCKA DICE universe and join our community of players who share the same passion for gaming and fun.
Thank you for being part of our history!
We are excited to share with you this adventure full of laughter, creativity and colorful dice.
Welcome to TYCKA DICE, where every release is an opportunity to change destiny!